PrairieCat News

NEWS: PrairieCat Annual Report FY21

Action: Informational

The PrairieCat Annual Report highlights the progress the organization made in FY21 and some of the ways your library benefited from membership in PrairieCat. This is an “at a glance” document that should be easy to share with your library’s board and stakeholders to emphasize the benefits of PrairieCat.

Download the Annual Report below. 

NEWS: Illinois State Library Annual Certification Now in Progress

NEWS: Informational / Complete Certification

Please see the below message from RAILS regarding annual certification:

Illinois State Library Annual Certification Now in Progress

UPDATE: Zimbra Security Certificate Issue

ACTION: Informational

PrairieCat is aware of an issue with the security certificate attached to our Zimbra server that occurred on 2/28/2022. The issue has been resolved. 

NEWS: Use of the Non-PC Reciprocal Borrowing form discontinued

ACTION:  Informational

It was announced at today’s PC Circulation Users Group Committee meeting that we are discontinuing the use of the Non-PrairieCat Reciprocal Borrowing application form. It will be no longer necessary to submit completed copies of this form to PrairieCat. Libraires can file or discard the forms in accordance with their own records retention policy.

Technical Bulletin #5 has been updated on the Support Site and should still be followed when entering an non-PC RB patron into the database.

NEWS: PrairieCat Staff - New Email Addresses

Action: Informational

PrairieCat staff have NEW email addresses. We are now It is a process to transition to the new email addresses, but members will be seeing the addresses going forward! (For a short time, we will be checking the old addresses to ensure we don’t miss any communications).

UPDATE: Test/Training Sierra Environment Migration (Thursday Feb. 17)

Action: Informational - Test/Training Sierra Environment Migration (Thursday Feb. 17)

Our Test/Training Sierra environment will be migrated by Innovative to different servers in the early morning of Thursday Feb. 17. The switchover should take a few hours and we expect the Test/Training Sierra environment to be available by early afternoon.

Cancellations: February 10 Technical Services Committee & MARC meetings cancelled.

Due to lack of agenda items, both the Technical Services Committee & MARC Catalogers meetings scheduled for Thursday, February 10th, 2022, have been cancelled.

However, there are a few topics worth mentioning:

Location codes:

UPDATE: Wording changing on Overdue and Replacement Bill Notices

Wording changing on Overdue and Replacement Bill Notices

Action: Informational

Effective 02/01/2022, the wording on our overdue and replacement bill notices will change slightly. The changes are listed in the attached document. We are changing the wording so that the notices are more applicable to all PrairieCat libraries, including our fine free libraries.

UPDATE: Scope Expansion Project Complete

ACTION:  Informational

The expansion/rescope project is now complete!

Sierra workstations (application and browser) should have been logged out Thursday (1/20) and back in this morning to pickup the latest version of indexes/files.


Thank you for your patience-

ALERT: Database Rescope - Search Results Will Be Off

ACTION:  Informational

Level of Importance: C R I T I C A L

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

This message involves *ALL* libraries, it may read a bit technical – but *ALL* libraries need to be aware that search results in Encore & Sierra will be “off” starting today, January 18.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Starting today, Tuesday, January 18 and lasting for approximately 7 days, work takes place on the Production server.