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NEWS: PUG Day Virtual 2022 - Program Schedule and Registration

Action: Informational / Register for Sessions

The PUG Day 2022 program schedule is now posted on the PUG Day 2022 page. There is also a quick link to the PUG Day 2022 page on the homepage of the PrairieCat website. Check out the schedule here:

NEWS: Call for Committee Volunteers

Action: Informational / Volunteer for Committee

PrairieCat is looking for volunteers to serve on the Training Committee and the Engagement Committee. If you or anyone on your staff are interested in serving, please let me know! Below is information on each committee. The committees meet via Zoom about 4-6 times a year.

PrairieCat Training Committee

NEWS: FY23 Special Election Open

The FY23 special election for the PrairieCat Administrative Council, Circulation Committee, and Technical Services Committee is now open. The election is open until Friday, July 29 at 4 pm.

UPDATE: Mailing List Service Change - SimpleLists

Action: Informational

PrairieCat has migrated to a new Mailing List Service called SimpleLists. No effort on your end is required except if you subscribed to a list in the past week, you will need to subscribe to the new list as well.

Otherwise, if you have been a member of a list, your account was migrated over.

UPDATE: New Help Desk Live

Action: Informational

You can reach the HelpDesk at these URLs:


The Tickets URL is active for now so anyone currently using it won’t be surprised by the change. So far the system is running smoothly and we’re seeing your tickets come in smoothly. Thanks for using the new system and feel free to reach out if anything seems amiss.

TRAINING: Decision Center Guide for Answering IPLAR Questions

Action: Informational

PrairieCat staff updated the guide for 2022 IPLAR Questions that can be answered using Decision Center. The guide is attached and posted on the PrairieCat support site along with other Decision Center support documents:

New to using Decision Center? A tutorial is available on TalentLMS under the Reports category.

TRAINING: Back to School Session - Register Now

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Join PrairieCat staff and your fellow School Libraries to hear the latest from PrairieCat and get some refreshers on PrairieCat procedures as you get back into the school year. Topics will include Vega Discover, Help Desk, common holds issues, cataloging QA, and more. See the attached agenda for details.

When: Tuesday, Sep 13, 2022 | 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

UPDATE: Afternoon Bib Paging Lists - Time Adjustment

Action: Informational - Afternoon Bib Paging Lists

All – after much discussion w/ Innovative in regards to the delivery time for the afternoon Bib Paging Lists it was determined that the delivery times may be improved by modifying the start time of the process.

Effective July 12 the afternoon Bib Paging List process will start at 1 PM (one hour earlier than usual – the process currently starts at 2 PM). We hope this will correspond to delivery times of one hour earlier as well.

TRAINING: New Help Desk - Watch the Recorded Training

Recorded training of PrairieCat's new help desk system launching July 11, 2022. All member libraries should be familiar with the help desk.

Training recorded on June 27, 2022. 

Watch the recorded training on YouTube (16 min):

ALERT: Security Warning on PrairieCat Splash Pages

ACTION: Informational

Update 6/28/2022 at 1:05 PM

The certificate error that was appearing when accessing the PrairieCat splash pages has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

The splash page site ( is showing a warning about the sites certificate when you access the page. The page is still safe to access but until we can get the issue fixed the warning will continue to appear.