Reports & Notices


Daily user notices are produced and sent out via email, phone, text or print to end users or member libraries.

Monthly and Annual Reports

Standard reports are produced centrally by PrairieCat support staff and posted on the support site under Statistics and Reports. Members are notified via email when reports are available. 

Custom Reports

PrairieCat staff are available to run custom reports for member libraries upon request. Please contact the PrairieCat Help Desk for more information about custom reports.

Reporting Tools

Basic Online and Fully Participating members have the option of using a web-based tool, Decision Center, to run custom reports. Fully Participating members also have the option to use the Create List module in Sierra.

PrairieCat offers training to fully participating member staff who wish to use one of these products to run custom reports for their library. Decision Center and Create Lists training is available on Talent LMS. After completing the TalentLMS training, if members need additional training, please use the On-Demand Training form to request a session.