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NEWS: Annual Strategic Plan Evaluation Survey

Action: Complete Survey

PrairieCat's updated strategic plan sets out goals and activities for the next three years (FY22-FY24). This survey will help us evaluate our progress on the four strategic directions – Engagement, Training, End User Experience, and Governance. PrairieCat leadership values your feedback and uses that input to help evaluate and guide our activities and goals.

The survey should take less than 10 min to complete:

NEWS: Important Information for school libraries!

Welcome back to our returning school librarians! As the school year begins, you need to know the following:

NEWS: Registration Open for PUG Days Virtual Sessions

Action: Informational / Register for Sessions

PrairieCat Users Group Day (PUG Days) is an annual event dedicated to professional development, networking, and continuing education. PUG Days 2021 is virtual this year and free to all members! Registration is now open for PUG Days sessions.

NEWS: Member Update Recording Available

The Juy 28 Member Update recording is now available. This update featured a Vega demo from Innovative. Register to view the on-demand recording here:

You can also access the link in L2.

NEWS: Resource Sharing Summit - Oct 21

Action: Informational / Register for Summit

The PrairieCat Resource Sharing Summit is back - and you won't want to miss it!  On the agenda is PrairieCat Plus! Join us to co-create this possible new PrairieCat membership level that could provide new and enhanced tools for increased patron engagement. We'll discuss our collective interests and needs, learn about options and tools for PrairieCat Plus, and develop a possible management structure.

UPDATE: Restoring websites, ticketing systems, and file server

Action: Informational

UPDATE 9AM 7/23/2021: RAILS is still in the process of restoring all the websites, ticketing systems, and file server. Email is working.

ALERT: PrairieCat Staff Email, RAILS Website, and L2 Down

Action: Informational

ALERT 8:00 AM 7/22/2021: PrairieCat staff do not have access to email, phones, or the help desk as some RAILS provided services are down including the staff email, PrairieCat help desk, RAILS website, and L2. RAILS is working on resolving the issue. 

NEWS: PrairieCat Joins Vega Engagement Development Partner Program

Action: Informational

Vega LX is developed in partnership with global leading libraries to create a complete library experience for staff, patrons, donors, and citizens. Development Partners help shape Vega’s development through advisory discussions, usability testing, and beta testing. The Vega Engagement Development Partner program is focused on Vega Interact, Promote, and Program.


NEWS: Register for PrairieCat Member Update

Action: Informational / Register for Update

Join us for a PrairieCat Member Update on Wednesday, July 28 from 10 – 11:30 AM via Zoom Webinar. The meeting is listed in L2. Register in advance here:

This update will feature an Innovative demo showing their new discovery layer, Vega Discover. Also, hear brief updates from PrairieCat staff. The agenda is attached.

UPDATE: Reporting System Issues

ACTION: Informational

This is just a reminder that if your library is experiencing technical issues (such as the current slowdown/lag problems) to please be sure to open a helpdesk ticket with PrairieCat. 

When opening a ticket, please include as much information about the issue as possible.  As an example from the current issue, “it’s taking 30 seconds to switch screens, it’s been happening between noon and three every day, it’s been happening for a couple of weeks.” All of these can help Innovative and PrairieCat narrow down what we need to be looking at in the system.