UPDATE: Vega Discover Cookie Banner Changes

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Vega Discover sites will be showing a new cookie notification banner at the bottom of all Vega sites. Innovative brought this live on 5/9. Users can select the x button to dismiss the banner or select Learn More to view the policy. There is also a new cookie icon in the header of the page at the top right.  When this is selected, it takes the user out to the cookie preferences site, which links further to the policy. 

The explanation for the change from Innovative is below:

What to expect with the new cookie banner

A cookie banner will be displayed at the beginning of each session when using Vega Discover, Vega Promote, and LX Starter. This banner will request your consent to use cookies in our products. Once you consent, the cookie banner will no longer be displayed during subsequent sessions, offering a streamlined user experience. We believe that by allowing you to control your cookies preference we enhance transparency and enable you to make choices that align with your privacy preferences. 

Why is this change being made? 

As part of Clarivate's policy, we prioritize user privacy and aim to provide a secure and transparent user experience. By implementing this change, we align our products with company-wide policies and comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and regional requirements. This ensures that your personal information is handled carefully and respectfully.