Update on Paging List Spacing Issues

Submitted by smithe on Mon, 08/28/2023 - 10:59

PrairieCat staff have been working on the issue of paging list spacing being “off” for quite some time. The outcome of our investigation, however, is not what we would have desired. To summarize this issue:

Sierra creates the notices and sends them to PrairieCat webmail accounts (your email accounts that you check for paging lists). We know that the notices are being sent out correctly.  We have tested this repeatedly by sending notices to different email addresses outside of PrairieCat. To try to fix this issue, we have rewritten templates and modified other templates, changed fonts, resized fields and templates. None of those efforts improved the situation. We have reached out and talked to Microsoft about this, however getting Microsoft to fix a bug is virtually impossible. This appears to be a “bug” in their Outlook Web Access product.

The only solution we have to this issue is a work-around. The emails will reformat and look fine if they are forwarded out to another email address, or if you forward the email to yourself from within the PrairieCat email system (so, forward back to yourself). If you choose to forward to an outside email account, you can set up automatic forwarding in the PrairieCat email system to make this easier for you.