Union List Libraries

Union List member libraries have their holdings in the PrairieCat database, and share their resources with other PrairieCat libraries. Union List libraries use staff-initiated holds to request materials for their users from other PrairieCat libraries.

Policies and Procedures

Library staff should be familiar with PrairieCat policies and procedures. Log in to access.

Course Offerings and Recommendations

All courses are available on Talent LMS unless noted otherwise. 

For Union List member staff:

  • Sierra Navigation (Prerequisite to all other Sierra training classes)
  • How to Search Sierra series
  • How to Place Holds series
  • Circulation, Class 7: How to Check in Materials
  • Vega Discover Basics
  • Sierra Cataloging: Item Entry course   |   Item Entry Certification Overview
  • Sierra Union List Circulation and OPAC |   On Demand