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Welcome school library staff! As a school library worker, please use these resources to ensure you are taking full advantage of the services and tools your library's membership in PrairieCat offers. Not only are there several benefits of membership in PrairieCat, there are several responsibilities that are unique to school libraries. 

School Year Checklist

There are several steps you will need to complete before the beginning and before the end of each school year to ensure that your library is set up properly both for the school year and for the summer. Follow this checklist to ensure a smooth start and a smooth ending!


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School Year Checklist 2024 259.16 KB

New School Librarian Checklist

Created and/or updated my info on L2 (Library Directory & Learning Calendar)    
Explored the PrairieCat website using individual L2 account logins for full access    
Subscribed to the PrairieCat monthly newsletter    
Subscribed the PrairieCat school and news mailing list    
PrairieCat Tools    
Know how to submit a PrairieCat help desk ticket    
Know how to log in to Sierra and the public catalog Vega Discover    
Verified that Net Support Notify is installed on library workstations    
PrairieCat Training    
Know my library's PrairieCat membership level and membership responsibilities    
Created a TalentLMS account for online PrairieCat training    
Reviewed PrairieCat Policies and Procedures     
Verified a staff person at my library is Item Entry Certified / or prepared to complete the Certification within 6 months    

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