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Vega Discover will be the new public catalog for the PrairieCat consortium. This will eventually replace Encore. PrairieCat staff are actively working with Innovative on the configuration and implementation of the catalog. Each circulating member library has a collection site and a kisok site for use at OPAC machines. Union List members have a collection site.

Use the Quick Library Lookup to access your library's customized catalog links. To make changes to your library's sites, such as hours or links, please submit a help desk ticket and select the Vega Discover queue. 

Try out the new catalog here: (This is the "generic" PrairieCat catalog interface.  For your customized Vega sites, please see the instructions above to access your library's specific URLs).

Project Timeline

October 2022 | Library Training

November and December 2022 | Library Training and Testing

January 2023  |  Soft launch to library patrons. Vega Discover is available for the member libraries to launch to the public. This is a transition period with Vega Discover and Encore both available for use - libraries will want to encourage patrons to "Try Our New Catalog."

Next Steps  |  Integration of eMaterials and eCommerce functionality in Vega Discover. Phase out Encore. Full launch to library patrons with all functionality. 

Visit the Innovative Product Roadmap for details on fixes and enhancements. 

Project Updates

PrairieCat staff have regular bi-weekly meetings with the Vega Discover team from Innovative, which includes our project manager, trainer, and the Discover product manager.  PrairieCat will post regular project updates to provide the membership with a summary of the issues/questions that are being reported by libraries and staff that are discussed at the Innovative project meetings. 

Summary of Innovative Project Meeting, Febuary 9, 2023

Summary of Innovative Project Meeting, February 23, 2023

Soft Launch to Library Patrons  |  January 2023

Vega Discover is available for the member libraries to launch to the public. This is a transition period with Vega Discover and Encore both available for use. Libraries will want to encourage patrons to "Try Our New Catalog." 

After several months of library staff feedback, PrairieCat staff and Administrative Council agreed it is time to start exposing the new Vega Discover catalog to patrons. We enourage libraries to add a link to Vega Discover on your library homepage. You can title the link “Try our new catalog”.  PrairieCat will have a survey link added at the top of every collection site to gather feedback from the patrons as we move forward.  We encourage you to use Vega Discover on one or more of your catalog stations in the library for patrons to use. The kiosk sites limit to the home library and are intended for in library use at catalog stations. Please note, the kiosk sites force a 5 minute timeout on a session.

A couple of things to note furing this soft launch:

  1. eCommerce is not live on the Vega Discover catalog. If patrons want to pay online, libraries need to refer them to Encore. 
  2. eMaterial integration for consortia has been released, so PrairieCat will be testing this as we move forward.  For now, eMaterials are not integrated into Vega Discover.  As we test and when we begin to load them into Vega, we will notify the membership.
  3. Vega Discover is still changing and new features and fixes are constantly being added. See the Innovative Vega product roadmap here.  
  4. If you have questions about Vega, please check out our Vega page on the support site here. Your question may be addressed in the FAQ that is linked at the bottom of this page.
  5. If you don’t find what you are looking for in the roadmap or the FAQ, we are taking questions and feedback via the helpdesk system.  If you have questions please put in a ticket using the Vega Discover ticket type in the helpdesk system.
  6. If you missed the Vega trainings for staff, the recorded trainings are available under the Training and Resources section:

We hope that your patrons will be able to give us some constructive feedback and familiarize themselves with the new catalog. Thank you for your patience as we move forward with getting Vega where we need it to be.