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Vega Discover will be the new public catalog for the PrairieCat consortium. This will eventually replace Encore. PrairieCat staff are actively working with Innovative on the configuration of the collection sites (branded library sites). Each circulating member library will have a collection site and a kisok site for use at OPAC machines. Union List members will have a collection site. Use the Quick Library Lookup to access your library's catalog links. 

Try out the new catalog here:
This is for library use only at this time, do not share this with the public. This is a "live" site so pulling data from Sierra. 

Please Note: PrairieCat is collecting library information to configure each library’s Vega site. If you already submitted the Vega Configuration form then please disregard. We have a Google form that will allow you to input the information we need. Since the form allows you to upload your logo file, you will need to be logged in to your google account to access the form. Please use this form if you have a Google Account:

If you do NOT have a Google account, you can use the other form that will allow you to submit the required information but instead of uploading the logo, you will need to email it to Please use this form if you do not have a Google Account:

Project Timeline

October 2022 | Library Training

November and December 2022 | Library Training and Testing

Next steps: Discuss and plan for library rollout to patrons. Vega Discover will be made available for the member libraries to launch to the public when the product is functioning as expected for the consortium. There will be a transition period when Vega Discover and Encore are both available - libraries will want to encourage patrons to "Try Our New Catalog."

Visit the Innovative Product Roadmap for details on fixes and enhancements.