PrairieCat Mobile App

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PrairieCat members may opt-in to the Capira Mobile App. The next open enrollment for the mobile app will be Fall 2022. Contact Carolyn Coulter for pricing and contract information. Visit the Capira website for a preview of the mobile app. Register to watch this on-demand webinar for a preview of the PrairieCat Mobile App. 

The mobile app is

  • Consortium Friendly
  • Customizable 
  • Affordable with Consortium Discount
  • Available in Android and Apple play stores. 

The app’s base application allows for customization of information for each individual library.

  • Directions and GPS Navigation
  • Event Calendar Integration & Search-ability
  • Digital Library Card
  • Push Notification Support
  • Database Listing Integration & Search-ability
  • Patron Record Notifications—Fines, Holds, Card Expiration, etc.
  • One Touch Contact Menu Bar
  • Social Media App Integration
  • Digital Services Integration (where applicable)—3M, Overdrive, Hoopla, etc.
  • Library Information & Services Menus


Help Desk

  • How do I submit changes for my library such as hours, contact information, new services, etc? Submit a help desk ticket to PrairieCat. 
  • How long will it take for my change request to be implemented? Please allow up to 5 business days for changes. 
  • What information should I include in my help desk ticket? If you are reporting a problem, please give us as much information as you can.  Please provide the type of device that the patron was using and any errors received.
  • What if the patron is having difficulty with authentication? If the patron is having issues with authentication, Capira will need the barcode number and PIN.  If the patron is uncomfortable divulging their PIN, we can change it for troubleshooting but the patron would have to reset it after we are finished.


  • How do patrons access the mobile application? Patrons may download the app through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. 
  • How do patrons find the mobile application in the app store? Patrons should search for "PrairieCat" to find the app. It is not possbile to use each pariticpating library as a search field. 


  • Will the digital barcode work on all types of scanners? No, please contact the help desk for recommended scanners. 
  • Will there be options for recommendations to your searches similar to OPAC (ex. similar books, authors, reading levels, etc...)? No, not at this time.


  • Is there a way to customize the main menu buttons? No, those graphics apply across the consortium app. 
  • Can the library card sign up option/renewal option or other options be turned off for an individual library? Yes, participating libraries may request buttons to be displayed or to be hidden. 
  • Is self check available as an option?  Yes, however this is an added cost.  Carolyn can provide you with this information if you are interested.