E-Resources and OMNI

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E-Resources and OMNI Libraries

OMNI has contacted Overdrive and they have removed all blocks from OMNI member patrons, and they will:

1. Allow access to expired card holders
2. Allow access to patrons with fines/fees above the threshold limit

If your library has other e-resources that you want your patrons to access, those patrons whose cards have expired and/or they owe $5.00 will be blocked. PrairieCat can:

  1. Change the block amount from $4.99 to an amount you specify
  2. Turn off the check for expiration date

If you would like PrairieCat to change these settings for you, please log a help desk ticket to helpmenow@prairiecat.info and let us know: what block amount you want, if the expiration date check should be turned off, and what patron types should be changed.