Monthly Reports

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PrairieCat Reporting

Update: 6/22/2020

PrairieCat will be resuming the following system reports. If you any questions about the reports, please put in a helpdesk ticket by emailing

These reports will resume the regular monthly reporting: 

  1. Incorrect Patron Home Library
  2. Missing Since and Claims Returned 
  3. Items Incorrectly marked for Discard 
  4. Duplicate Item and Patron Barcodes 
  5. Long in-transit items 
  6. Items marked for discard/withdrawal during the previous month 

These reports will be handled differently: 

  1. New Item Conversion:  PrairieCat staff will stagger the conversion date in two week increments so that the new items have time to remain in "New" status now that libraries are open. Staff will begin with an initial created before date of 12/08/19 then continue processing 2 weeks of items every week until we are caught up on 9/24/20, which will have a created date of 6/7/20.
  2. Old Billed Items: The old billed items report identifies items that were due 9 months ago and libraries are to review this report and check their shelves to see if the items can be located. One month after the report is posted to the support site, the items are checked in and withdrawn. To give members ample time to follow up with this report, it will be suspended until July 1, 2020.