Monthly Reports

Added by Elizabeth Smith (04/16/2020 - 15:30)
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PrairieCat Reporting

Update: 11/10/2020

PrairieCat will be resuming the following system reports. If you any questions about the reports, please put in a helpdesk ticket by emailing

These reports will resume the regular monthly reporting: 

  1. Incorrect Patron Home Library
  2. Missing Since and Claims Returned 
  3. Items Incorrectly marked for Discard 
  4. Duplicate Item and Patron Barcodes 
  5. Long in-transit items 
  6. Items marked for discard/withdrawal during the previous month 
  7. New Item Conversion 
  8. Old Billed Items (resumed in Sept 2020 and will run 2 months at a time until Feb 2021 until the report is caught up)