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PrairieCat members are entitled to free original and copy catalogings completed by PrairieCat Catalogers as part of PrairieCat membership benefits. The PrairieCat catalogers function as an extension of your Technical Services Department to help with backlogs, unfamiliar formats or modern European language materials.  PrairieCat  catalogers will provide upfront original OCLC cataloging of English- and Romance-language items in all formats to PrairieCat members, They offer quality original cataloging for books, videos, DVDs, compact discs, spoken and musical sound records, digital/MP3 recordings, electronic resources, serials, maps, computer software, CD-ROMs, realia, micro-film, genealogy materials and more. 

If you want to request an original cataloging record be created for a title, once you have searched PrairieCat and OCLC thoroughly and not found a matching record, the item should be routed in delivery to the Bolingbrook Service Center (SWSB).   No more than 3 items should be sent at a time, and additional items should not be sent until those initial items are returned, to allow the Catalogers to keep up on requests without a backlog, and process member cataloging requests in a fair manner, in the order received.

  • All materials must be property stamped.
  • Do not send materials that are “circulation ready,” i.e. with pockets, date due slips and barcodes already affixed as that covers up pertinent information.
  • Please send in no more than 3 items at a time to be cataloged.  Do not send more until the previous items have been returned.
  • Send items to SWSB Attn: Catalogers

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This service is provided because many LLSAP member libraries do not have the staff or resources to do original cataloging in OCLC.

PrairieCat contract staff and RAILS assume no responsibility for items damaged in transit via RAILS delivery. Items should be sent to the senior cataloger assigned to your library according to standard procedures for this shipment method. Items returned from the senior cataloger will be packed appropriately for the item format and every effort will be made to ensure safety during transport. For most audio-visual materials they will be sent in padded envelopes.

Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC)

Supported by the Illinois State Library, the Cataloging Maintenance Center is operated by the Illinois Heartland Library System and provides statewide cataloging support for Illinois libraries.

The Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC) will catalog for free:

  • Genealogy about a person or a family
  • Local history
  • Memoirs about Illinois or written by an Illinois author
  • Topics associated with neighboring states, such as Iowa for the Quad city libraries
  • Special collections, such as (but not limited to): community cookbooks, Illinois government documents, fictional or nonfictional works by a local author.

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