OCLC Membership & Batchloading

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OCLC is a worldwide library cooperative, owned, governed and sustained by members since 1967. OCLC members share the OCLC database, called WorldCat, of approximately 300 million bibliographic records. WorldCat includes records for books, videos, serial publications, articles, recorded books and music, electronic books, sheet music, genealogical references, cultural artifacts, digital objects, Web sites and much more.

PrairieCat's Bibliographic Policy for Input of Records - In accordance with Illinois State Library directives and exceptions specified therein, all bibliographic records entered in PrairieCat will be OCLC source records (Approved Delegates Assembly 10/25/06). All cataloged records in PrairieCat are from the OCLC Worldcat database, with the exception of acquisition records and a few local-use records.

Because the PrairieCat database is built from OCLC records, OCLC membership is required of all PrairieCat members. Each year, PrairieCat members will receive a contract from the Illinet/OCLC office at the Illinois State Library that must be signed and returned. Libraries will be billed from the Illinois Heartland Library System (the fiscal agent for OCLC membership in Illinois) for their annual OCLC membership fees, which are completely separate from PrairieCat membership fees.

The PrairieCat database is copied and sent to OCLC six times per year to update PrairieCat member holdings in the OCLC database, a requirement of OCLC membership. Both adds and deletes are included.

PrairieCat (OCLC) members are also required and eligible to share resources with other OCLC members via OCLC FirstSearch (WorldCat).