CRITICAL: Phone Notification System Update

Submitted by Elizabeth Smith on

Phone notification system is running but some notices need to be recovered or may need to be sent by libraries manually

The new phone notification system is now calling out and delivering notices properly and patrons can also call in to check their account information and renew items.

Due to the issues we had previously, we lost some notices that should have went out today (6/25). Some “friendly reminder” (7 day) overdue notifications and hold availability notifications were not delivered. We are trying to force these back into the phone notification system, however we are uncertain if this will be possible. It does not appear that there were many notices lost (most libraries have 10 or less, we believe). We are running reports to gather the information so the libraries will have a list of patrons, patron barcodes, and items that are involved. Libraries can contact patrons directly if they would like. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. The problem has been identified and corrected, so we should be OK moving forward.

PrairieCat will notify the membership again when we know if we are successful at recovering these phone notifications, or if we will need to send out reports to the libraries concerned. 

This ONLY pertains to phone notifications, not SMS/text or email.