Alert: Vega Go Live Announcement

Submitted by Elizabeth Smith on

As you know, we have been working with Innovative for several months to bring our new online catalog, Vega Discover, to a point where we feel it can launch to the public.  We would like to announce that November 30, 2023 will be the official cut over date for public libraries in PrairieCat.  At this point, we would like to have our public libraries redirect their patrons and online links to the Vega Discover interface and away from the Encore interface.

School libraries will have an official Go-Live when they return from break in January.  We understand that schools run on a defined schedule, and to cause as little disruption as possible to your students, we encourage you to bring Vega live when they return from holiday break.

We will be keeping Encore up for your use if needed, however after the school cut-over we will likely be stopping our Syndetic subscription for Encore (the book jackets and added content information).  This will save us money and was originally planned in the budget.

We have prepared a Go Live LibGuide which will provide you with a checklist and links out to support materials.  We encourage you to review these materials:  If you have questions, please submit a helpdesk ticket so we can track things appropriately. When adding a helpdesk ticket, please remember to use the Vega Discover queue. 

Please do keep in mind that Vega Discover is still in development, and improvements and features are still being added on a regular basis.  To see what Innovative is working on and check on the development roadmap, please see the roadmap website at

We thank you for your patience and understanding with this process.  New technologies are always exciting but also always a bit painful.  Please bear with us as we continue to refine Vega Discover for our patrons. Please submit help desk tickets with any questions or issues.