ALERT: Moving patron lists from Encore to Vega - Dec 4

Submitted by Elizabeth Smith on

PrairieCat is officially “cutting over” to Vega for our public libraries on Nov. 30.  The following Monday, Dec. 4, Innovative will migrate all the existing patron lists out of Encore to Vega.  If a patron has built saved bookmark lists, those will now be found in their My Bookshelf area of Vega.

Unfortunately, this means that all the lists will have to migrate at the same time.  School patron lists will also have to be moved to Vega at this point.  I asked but they can’t do a two-part move.  The lists must be all or nothing and can’t live in both Encore and Vega at the same time.

On Dec. 4, all lists will be removed from Encore and will appear in Vega. After this point, patrons will no longer be able to create lists in Encore.

I would suggest that if a patron (or staff member) has a great deal of old information in their lists that they clean it up before the move.  This will make the process go smoother.

This process should not impact performance.

Thank you again for your patience as we work through this implementation.