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PrairieCat Contacts

Help Desk

 If reporting a standard issue (non-emergency) a Help Desk ticket should be generated via the PrairieCat Help Desk application,

or send an e-mail to the helpmenow [at] prairiecat [dot] info (PrairieCat Support E-Mail) address (a ticket will be automatically generated)

or call the PrairieCat Support Help Line (877) 542 - 7257.


Contacting a staff member directly should only be done in case of an emergency.


Magda Bonny
Library Services Manager
magda [dot] bonny [at] railslibraries [dot] info
ext. 4193
Carolyn Coulter
PrairieCat Director
carolyn [dot] coulter [at] railslibraries [dot] info
ext. 4176
Andrew Hettinger
System Supervisor
andrew [dot] hettinger [at] railslibraries [dot] info
ext. 4195
Judy Hutchinson
Special Projects Manager
judy [dot] hutchinson [at] railslibraries [dot] info
ext. 4314
Jason Jensen
System Coordinator
jason [dot] jensen [at] railslibraries [dot] info
ext. 4290
Gail Lien
  Library Systems and Data Coordinator  gail [dot] lien [at] railslibraries [dot] info  ext. 4001
John Slanicky
 Library Systems and Data Coordinator  john [dot] slanicky [at] railslibraries [dot] info  ext. 4195
Elizabeth Smith
HR, Finance and Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth [dot] smith [at] railslibraries [dot] info
ext. 4236
Jeffrey Sullivan
  System Coordinator  jeffrey [dot] sullivan [at] railslibraries [dot] info  ext. 4307
Sandy Tedder
  Cataloging and Database Coordinator  sandy [dot] tedder [at] railslibraries [dot] info  ext. 4198
Ed Zanelli
  Senior Data Specialist  ed [dot] zanelli [at] railslibraries [dot] info  ext. 4194