PrairieCat News

NEWS: PUG Days - Call for Program Proposals

Action: Informational / Submit Program Proposals

The PrairieCat Engagement Committee is seeking program proposals for the 2021 PUG Days | Virtual. Please share this email with your library staff and networks!! Although we won’t be gathering in person, we look forward to idea sharing and collaborating with our library colleagues from across the consortium.

TRAINING: Checking in Materials

ACTION:  Action Required

When checking in materials that have holds for other libraries, it is not necessary to check items out to PrairieCat Union List libraries. The only time you should check those materials out to the library is when you see the word “checkout” in the message. See Procedures for Union List, ILL Barcode and SHARE libraries in the Circulation I training manual.

Please share this will all staff who check in materials as this continues to be an ongoing problem.

NEWS: Holiday Closings

PrairieCat will be closed on the following days for the Christmas and New Year holidays. There will be no on-call support on those days. Only emergency (full system outages) issues should be called in to the on-call phone support on those days.

NEWS: FY20 Return on Investment Docs Available

Action: Informational

PrairieCat created a Return on Investment document to highlight the progress the organization made in FY20 ending in June 2020 and some of the ways your library benefited from membership in PrairieCat. This is an “at a glance” document that should be easy to share with your library’s board and stakeholders to emphasize the benefits of PrairieCat.

NEWS: Member Update Presentation

Missed the PrairieCat Member Update on Nov 18, 2020? Check out the PowerPoint presentation here. Use this link to register to view the Zoom recording. 

NEWS: PrairieCat Holiday Closure - Thanksgiving

ACTION:  Informational

PrairieCat will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, November 26th and Friday, November 27th. There will be no on-call support on those days. Only emergency (full system outages) issues should be called into the on-call phone support on those days.

Standard support issues should be conveyed via the Help Desk app by submitting a ticket which will be addressed on the next working day (Monday, November 30th).

Thursday, November 26th is also a holiday for RAILS staff so there will be no delivery services on Thanksgiving.

NEWS: Closing Form Reminder

Action: Informational

If your library needs to unexpectedly close or reduce services, please use the closing forms on the PrairieCat website. The form will gather the information needed for PrairieCat staff to update your library's settings such as turning off your Available Holds Notice during the closure (if you request it). Submitting the form will automatically create a help desk ticket.

NEWS: Public Library Per Capita Grant Information

From the Secreatary of State website: 

The Public Library Per Capita Grant was established to assist public libraries to improve and increase library services within their service areas. Grant amounts of up to $1.25 per person served are available, on an annual basis, to all Illinois local public libraries. The application deadline is March 15, 2021.

Action Required: Sierra Client Re-installation

Sierra Desktop Application (SDA) Client

Action: Action Required

We have discovered that when PrairieCat will update our server to Sierra V5.2 the Sierra Desktop Application (SDA) client will require to be re-installed. This is due to some internal software within the SDA client. Thus this communication.

NEWS: Library Services and Status Survey

Action: Update Library Reopening Status Survey

As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and libraries continue to adjust services as needed, please update the RAILS provided Library Reopening Status Survey. This allows your colleagues and neighboring libraries to see how others are responding. This is a great tool!

Current Library Reopening Status Survey: