ALERT: Sierra Server Migration - March 9, 2023


Innovative is going to migrate our Sierra server environment.

The migration date is now set for overnight on Wed. March 8. effective the morning of Thur. March 9.

You should have gotten previous communications about the details. We have given Innovative permission to start the migration at 10 PM CST so hopefully the migration will be complete prior to the start of business on Thur. March 9. We will send out a communication about the status of the migration on March 9.

We anticipate that libraries may not receive the following morning communications on Thur. March 9:

  1. Morning paging list e-mailed to each library
  2. Morning notices e-mailed to each library
  3. Morning failed hold calls e-mailed to each library

This is due to the fact that these process typically run in the very early morning hours and the migration may not be completed before these processes typically run. We expect that these processes will resume normal morning deliveries on Fri. March 10.

Please contact the help desk if you experience any issues.