TRAINING: Accessing your PrairieCat Email Account on Office 365 from any Device

You can access the Libraries PrairieCat Email Account on any device by signing into the Office 365 portal with the library PrairieCat Email Address.

The PrairieCat Email Address is denoted by the library delivery code and

For Example:

  1. To start the sign in process, go to

  2. You’ll see this sign in prompt, enter your PrairieCat Email Address and then the password on the next screen.

  3. When asked to Stay signed in, you can click Yes if you are going to be accessing this email regularly, and No if you won’t be.
  4. Once in the account, Click on Outlook on the left side bar
  5. This will open the PrairieCat Email Account’s inbox. From here you can create a bookmark on the browser to easily access this inbox again.
  6. This process changes per browser, but usually you can click and drag on the Lock Icon to the bookmarks bar. Or click the Star Icon in the address Bar.



Using this process, you can add the PrairieCat Email Account to any machine and set it up to be accessed easily when needed.