TRAINING: Vega Discover Showcases Training - Dec 13

Action: Informational / Register for Training

PrairieCat will be offering a training session on Vega Discover Showcases on Tuesday, Dec 13, 2022 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Details are also listed in L2. Please register here via Zoom:

What are Showcases? Showcases display a visual carousel of items to the library’s specifications and will automatically appear throughout the Vega Discover interface when relevant, helping libraries promote their entire catalog of items and encouraging virtual exploration. Showcases can be tied to the Resource page of the related title or embedded in a website or email displaying up to 5 titles at a time.

Who should attend? Library staff that will be creating and publishing showcases for your library.

This training will focus on the Showcases feature in Vega Discover. The training will cover:

  • User roles and showcase permissions
  • Workflow for showcase access
  • How to create, edit, publish, and delete showcases
  • Searching, sharing, and viewing showcases
  • Differences between using saved searches and lists for creating showcases

Prerequisite: If you have not attended a Vega Discover Demo yet, please register to view a recorded demo here prior to the Showcases training.

The Showcases training will be recorded.