NEWS: Zimbra Email Migration to Office 365

Action: Informational

PrairieCat will be migrating our email services from Zimbra to Microsoft 365 next month, October.

This will change the way you log into your provided PrairieCat Account Email, but the address will remain the same. Your library’s Zimbra account (aka PrairieCat Email Account) is where you receive paging lists and other system notifications like failed hold calls and returned mail.

We will not be moving the contents of the mailboxes to this new service. Meaning no emails will be migrated over. Any folders that you created and their corresponding rules will need to be re-set up. I will provide documentation on how to do this in the new system once we are closer to the actual migration period.

If you have any emails you reference in the current system, please move those to a more accessible location.

We will be sending more information on the migration in the coming weeks. The sequence of events will be as follows:

  • You will receive instructions on how to sign into the new account
    • This account will be empty and no mail will be flowing into it
  • PrairieCat will follow up with accounts that have not been signed into after a week or so
  • Once all accounts are signed into you will be notified of a cut over date, and Mail will start to flow into the Microsoft 365 Accounts instead of the Zimbra Accounts at that time
    • Once the cut over is complete you will no longer be able to access Zimbra

If there are any questions about the Email Migration, head to and submit a ticket under the new Help Topic labeled Email Migration and a PrairieCat staff member will answer you there.