UPDATE: Mailing List Service Change - SimpleLists

Action: Informational

PrairieCat has migrated to a new Mailing List Service called SimpleLists. No effort on your end is required except if you subscribed to a list in the past week, you will need to subscribe to the new list as well.

Otherwise, if you have been a member of a list, your account was migrated over.

  • All lists will now send from the domain of @prairiecat.simplelists.com
  • The domain is set up to prevent getting stuck in spam or filters as well as it can be, but your IT department may have to whitelist that domain if they continue to get stuck.
  • The actual list names remain the same and the overall look of the messages is the same.

Additionally, there is now an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the messages, so if you need to unsubscribe at any time, you may do so.

The links on the support site will be updated to reflect the new service, so if anyone needs to join a list, they will be able to do so tomorrow at this support site page: https://support.prairiecat.info/resources/mailing-lists