NEWS: Ecommerce Transactions and Quarterly Checks

This is a reminder about ecommerce transaction reports and recently changed procedures around ecommerce payments to members. In order to lessen the costs of issuing checks for such small amounts of money, PrairieCat will avoid issuing ecommerce checks until a minimum threshold of $15 has been reached during the fiscal year.

  • Monthly ecommerce transaction reports are posted on the PrairieCat support site under statistics and reports:
  • When a minimum amount of $15 due to a member is reached, then a quarterly check will be issued. This check could include transactions from a previous quarter.
  • Members that are issued a quarterly check will receive quarterly reports that are emailed to the member’s Zimbra accounts that details the payments included in the quarterly check.  
  • All amounts received during the fiscal year will be paid out with the activity from the final quarter of the year, regardless of check size. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.