UPDATE: Phone Notifications Resolved

Information: Phone Notifications – No Action Required

It appears that the issue with phone notifications has been resolved. The systems (Sierra & iTiva) communicated a file late last night and again this morning.

This morning’s file appears to be standard in size – so probably only contains today’s (1/13) notifications.

We cannot confirm this but wanted to warn you that there may be a chance that patrons may have been notified twice – once if your library was making manual calls and again today if they appear in the call file. We apologize for this but unfortunately with no data flow back and forth between the two systems everything was a bit out of sync.

If your library was manually calling patrons – that process can be halted as the system is back on-line now.

Thank you for your patience as we investigated this hard to find issue and again we are sorry for the inconvenience that this failure may have caused.