NEWS: Important Information for school libraries!

Welcome back to our returning school librarians! As the school year begins, you need to know the following:

  1. When your library is ready to open, use this link to let us know: Please give PrairieCat as much advance notice as possible about when your library will re-open. Once we know your re-opening date, we will turn on your paging list, make your collection circulating and holdable, and change your library’s closed status.
  2.  For school libraries that do not contact PrairieCat, we will automatically adjust your loan rules and turn on your paging lists on Labor Day weekend.
  3. PrairieCat staff can assist you with bulk data changes that you may need, such as removing a class of students, moving classes from 1 building to another, or loading in new student records. If you need changes like this, please give PrairieCat as much advance notice as possible. You can submit your request by either logging into the HelpDesk ( and opening a ticket or send an email to .
  4. PrairieCat does not handle pick up/delivery of materials! This service is provided by RAILS. Below is information on delivery and how to contact RAILS.

Why should I use the RAILS Delivery help desk?
We know that delivery-related issues pop up now and again. Using the delivery help desk (ticketing system) for any comments, questions, or concerns will help you and us in several ways:

  1. It's simple. You can just send an email to That's all there is to it!
  2. Putting in a delivery ticket ensures that your issue is tracked, so if there is a reoccurrence, there will be a record.
  3. A delivery ticket reaches several people immediately, but if you call someone directly, they may not be available (days off, meetings, etc.).
  4. Since many people see your message when you use the help desk ticketing system, the appropriate person will be able to handle your issue in a timely manner.

Reasons to use the ticketing system include, but are not limited to: 

  • Your library is closed for the day and you don't want to receive delivery
  • Your library is closing early and you don't want to receive delivery
  • Your library needs an additional bin dropped off, or extra bins picked up
  • You have positive feedback about your driver
  • There’s a new location where you’d like RAILS Delivery to drop off your bins
  • You would like to request a pick up
  • The driver triggered your building alarm
  • You would like your driver to enter through a different door 
  • Your delivery arrived too early
  • Any concern, issue, question, or comment you have about RAILS Delivery

For great service and fast response, we encourage you to use the delivery ticketing system. Save this email address for quick access: Check out the Delivery Help Desk and Service Notifications page of the RAILS website for more information.