NEWS: LIMRiCC Health Insurance Pool Now Accepting New Members

NEWS: Informational / Action required if interested

PrairieCat is sharing this message from LIMRiCC, please direct all questions to the LIMRiCC contact below. 

What is LIMRiCC? The Library Insurance Management and Risk Control Combination (LIMRiCC) was established to provide conventional  insurance coverage and/or self-insurance for claims against or by its participants. Libraries are pooled together as one organization in order to provide lower premiums.

LIMRiCC is Now Accepting Applications for New Public Library Members: The Board of Directors of LIMRiCC (The Library Insurance and Risk Management Control Combination) is excited to announce that LIMRiCC is now accepting new library members into its pool for health insurance (provided by Aetna; 2 PPO plans, an HMO plan, and an HSA plan), dental insurance (provided by Aetna; 1 PPO plan and one HMO plan), vision insurance (provided by VSP), and Basic Life Insurance and Voluntary Life Insurance (both provided by The Hartford).

This coverage is available to public libraries only. Institutions who wish to join will have their coverage risk assessed by Aetna; libraries that score a 1.00 or less (on Aetna’s assessment tool) will be eligible to join. There is a short turnaround this year. Risk must be assessed by June 1, 2021, for an employee coverage start date of January 1, 2022.

Interested? Contact Margie Tannehill at LIMRiCC: or 630-821-0206. More information on LIMRiCC can be found below.

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