REMINDER: Timing of Overdue Notices

ACTION: Informational, Reminder Notice

In August 2020, PrairieCat changed the timing of when overdue notices and bills were created. Pre-COVID, the first overdue notice was created 7 days after the item’s due date. To accommodate quarantine periods and to prevent patrons receiving that first notice for items that had been returned but not yet checked in, we extended when the first overdue notice was created to 14 days.

Because RAILS has ended the quarantine requirement effective April 12, 2021, PrairieCat will return the timing of the notices back to their pre-COVID values on the night of 05/16/2021. As a result of this change, items that are between 7 and 14 days overdue should have a first overdue notice generated immediately. For those items, the timing of the remaining notices may have a variance of several days before the final bill is generated.

Member libraries may also see a slight increase in the number of notices generated on the first business day after this change is made. Effective 05/17/2021, items checked out will be subject to the normal overdue/bill notice schedule that was in effect pre-COVID.

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Landis at