ALERT: Sierra Update Scheduled on Feb 17 - Action Required / ALL CLEAR

Action: Action Required

Sierra V5.2 Update (Production Environment) – All Clear

The update to Sierra v5.2 was successful this morning. Staff have been testing access and functionality and everything appears to be working. If you are having any issues, please open a helpdesk ticket.

Action Required
The update to Sierra V5.2 will require the Sierra Desktop Application (SDA) client to be re-installed prior to Wednesday, February 17. This is due to some internal software within the SDA client. We are informing all PrairieCat libraries that the SDA client needs to re-installed on all computers prior to the implementation of Sierra V5.2. This task can be completed at any time as long as it is prior to the scheduled update to Sierra V5.2. Documentation on how to complete this task can be found on the PrairieCat support web site. Please see Technical Bulletin #1 Sierra Client Installation. This re-installation may require that the library contact their IT department to perform this process. Libraries can also contact the Help Desk for assistance. Please see the below file for instructions on how to see what version of JRE the SDA client is using. 


Sierra Database Refresh (Test/Training Environment) – Tuesday, February 23

PrairieCat has coordinated with Innovative to perform a Sierra database refresh for our Test/Training environment on Tuesday, February 23.

The refresh will require that the Test/Training environment will be unavailable the entire day. Please refrain from accessing the Sierra Test/Training environment on that day until you receive an all-clear e-mail from PrairieCat staff. Staff will send out an all-clear as soon as the update has been completed and we perform some basic testing/verification tasks.



 I was wondering if I could send a helpdesk ticket for the Sierra V5.2 update. We missed the deadline to update prior to the new version of Sierra. Any help that you can give us would be great. Please call the library at 815-857-3925, or email at


Thank you

 Emily Goff