Action Required: Sierra Client Re-installation

Sierra Desktop Application (SDA) Client

Action: Action Required

We have discovered that when PrairieCat will update our server to Sierra V5.2 the Sierra Desktop Application (SDA) client will require to be re-installed. This is due to some internal software within the SDA client. Thus this communication.

We are informing all PrairieCat libraries that the SDA client needs to re-installed on all computers prior to the implementation of Sierra V5.2. This task can be completed at any time as long as it is prior to our deployment of Sierra V5.2.

Documentation on this process can be found on the PrairieCat support web site ( Please see Technical Bulletin #1 Sierra Client Installation. This re-installation may require that the library contact their IT department to perform this process. Libraries can also contact PrairieCat staff member Roy Arey for details on how to perform this process.

PrairieCat currently has no specific date on when we will implement Sierra V5.2 but we do stay current with Sierra releases and have implemented Sierra V5.2 in our test environment. Prior to determining an implementation date for Sierra V5.2 we will send out another reminder but it is our hope that by that time all libraries will have already completed the re-installation process at their location(s). We are sending out this communication at this time in an effort to give each library plenty of time to perform this modification so that no loss of service is experienced.

Any questions about this issue can be directed to PrairieCat server support staff members by creating a Help Desk ticket or contacting Roy Arey.