NEWS: Biblioboard Recovering the Classics ebook collection

In 2018 PrairieCat loaded the Biblioboard Recovering the Classics ebook collection into the database. These titles came to PrairieCat via a program RAILS was working on at the time to test out geo-locatable materials in Illinois libraries. When the records were loaded an item record* for each circulating library (Fully Participating and Basic Online) was created in the process. The items allowed for when your patron limits their results to your library, titles in the collection would be included in the results.  As an example, you can search The Man in the Iron Mask, and limit to ebooks to find one of the 102 bibliographic records of classic literature.  You can also do a subject search for Biblioboard and see all of the included titles. All RAILS libraries/patrons have access to this collection at no cost to you.  More information on Biblioboard is provided below from the RAILS website (listed below).

*If your library is performing an inventory in Sierra, when you encounter the 102 Biblioboard ebook items, you can request PrairieCat staff mark those item records as having been inventoried.

Recovering the Classics:

Recovering the Classics aims to bring new, modern covers to some of the most popular and well-known titles in the public domain. 102 titles in this collection.

Access to BiblioBoard:

BiblioBoard Library provides geolocation-based authentication through the IP address of the user's computer or GPS coordinates of their mobile device. Anyone who is physically in Illinois can access the collection without a login. A patron who creates an optional account while in Illinois will be able to access the collection outside the state by logging into their account. Unlimited checkouts and no return periods give readers instant access to all titles all the time.

Your patrons have access to the collections through:

Link to more information on the RAILS website: