TRAINING: Item Entry Certification Update

Action: Informational

Do you need to prepare for item entry duties at your library? The Item Entry Certification (formerly barcode test) has been updated and revised to make it easier for library staff to complete. The courses are online through PrairieCat’s training platform Talent LMS. The courses are free, self-paced, and on-demand 24/7. Sign up here to get started with TalentLMS:

After completing courses 1-6 of the Sierra Cataloging: Item Entry series in Talent LMS, you will receive your temporary named tech login. Once you have successfully complete the final course Sierra Cataloging: Item Entry – Practicum, which includes two sets of assignments, you will receive your item entry certificate and your login will be made permanent. See the attached document for more details and a course list. PrairieCat staff are available throughout this process for questions and support.

All PrairieCat member libraries need at least one staff person who is item entry certified. If you have questions about this process, please email us at