NEWS: L2 Freeze and Learning Reports

Action: Update Profiles / Save Learning Reports

Please see this important information from RAILS regarding the upcoming L2 freeze on this Friday, July 31.

Update Profiles
Individuals and libraries should update their L2 profiles before the new L2 (Library Directory and Learning Calendar) is launched. A data freeze goes into effect on July 31. Library directors and other library employees with elevated edit permissions in L2 can update most of the information (address, phone number, etc.) for the library.

Individuals are also encouraged to create or update their own accounts to be able to register for continuing education events and so other members will be able to contact you for networking purposes. To create an account, go to Click the "Sign In" link at the top, then follow the prompts on the screen. Or if you already have an account, but need to update it, log into L2 with your email and password. Click on your name in the upper right corner.

For help making any of these changes, contact

Save Learning Reports in L2
If you want to save current learning reports in L2, you need to do it before the data freeze on July 31. While the new site will have a similar feature to allow library staff to track and download the continuing education events they've attended, the old learning reports will not migrate.

To request a spreadsheet with library-level data which will include the complete learning report history for all staff (past and present) for your library, send an email to to request your library's download.

After July 31:

  • Events will be visible, but will not be editable.
  • Events will link to external forms of registration.
  • Events from the old site will not be migrated. Future events that are already in L2 will be re-entered into the new L2.
  • The library directory will be visible, but will not be editable.

After the launch, we will need libraries to continue to take responsibility for their directory entries, and specifically to populate several fields that are new or impossible to migrate, such as library hours and ILL/reciprocal borrowing policies.