ALERT: Issue with items checked out under interim loan rules

Issue: For items that were checked out by libraries using interim loan rules that gave an absolute due date of 06/26/2020, if your patron wants to renew that item, you will receive a due date in 2021!

Solution: The best way to handle this is to check the item in and then check it back out to the patron to ensure an accurate due date. (You can modify the due date, but that loan rule will still be in effect, so if the patron tries to renew a 2nd time, you'll have the same problem.)

When an item is checked out, the loan rule that applies to that transaction is written to the loan rule field in the item record. That loan rule continues to control how the item circulates until the item is checked in and that field is reset to 0. So, for items checked out under loan rule 551 (this is the interim loan rule that allowed your items to circulate only to your patrons when many other libraries were closed), if those are renewed, they will be renewed according to that loan rule, which is now giving you a completely erroneous due date.