NEWS: FY21 PrairieCat Election Results

Thank you for participating in the FY21 PrairieCat Election. Welcome to the new members on the Administrative Council! The following were elected to serve 3-year terms as At Large Representatives on the Council. More information about PrairieCat governance here:

Administrative Council

At Large Seat:  Michele Arms, Cherry Valley PLD

At Large Seat:  Laura Long, East Moline PL

At Large Seat:  Charm Ruhnke, Peru PL


Welcome to the new members of the Circulation Committee and the Technical Services Committees. All the seats are for 3-year terms.

Circulation Committee 

At Large Seat: Tami Cox, East Moline PL

Tier 1 Public Library Seat:  Carrie Zamorano, Woodstock PL

Tier 2 Public Library Seat:  Tammi Slazyk, Peotone PLD

At Large Seat:  Samantha Wilhoyt, Bourbonnais PLD

Schools/Academics/Specials Library Seat:  Laura Watson, Highland CC


Technical Services Committee  

At Large Seat:  Elaine Chapman, Reddick PLD

At Large Seat:  Joanna Mladic, Rockford University

Tier 1 Public Library Seat:  Kristi Fane, North Suburban PLD