NEWS: Update your L2 Account

Action: Action Required

Please read this message from RAILS about the new L2 site, and share with your library staff and trustees:

The launch of the new Library Directory & Learning Calendar (L2) is tentatively planned for mid-August, and we need you to act now. 

The L2 team continues their hard work of creating a better, more user-friendly, and more robust L2 for everyone! YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW. All member library staff and trustees are urged to update their L2 accounts with a unique email address before the migration from the current to new L2. Your account will not migrate without a unique address: one email, to one person! And every account will NEED an email address in the new L2.

In addition, there will be an L2 data freeze on July 31. No information will be able to be downloaded, created, or added to L2 for a period of about two weeks. Watch for further details on the date freeze coming soon. 

For L2 account help contact L2 Help.