NEWS: Capira Mobile App - Curbside Feature

ACTION: Informational

Capira is going to release a new curbside functionality. Even if you are not a library that opted in for the Capira mobile app, you can use the curbside module as a web-based application for your patrons. Register for the demo on 5/21/20 here:

  1. The mobile app beta test for Android users started 5/15/20. Apple iOS beta testing should start the week of 5/18/20.
  2. Capira is going to release a new curbside functionality. The web module launches on June 1, and the mobile app integration will launch mid-to-late June. Info can be found here:
  3. This curbside module will be at an added cost. That is an annual cost in addition to the base app cost (and other modules you may have opted in for) and is locked in for the life of the contract.
  4. Contact Carolyn Coulter at for more details on the curbside module and to sign up. 

If a library is not signed up for the initial rollout of the app, signups will re-open for new members later in the year.