NEWS: Statement on System Use During the "Stay-at-Home" Executive Order

Statement on use of the system during the term of the "Stay-at-Home" Executive Order:

Governor Pritzker has issued an Executive Order announcing a "Stay-at-Home" status for the entire state. Libraries are not included on the list of "Essential Businesses and Operations," that are allowed to remain open. While PrairieCat is certainly not in a position to comment on the day to day operational decisions of its member libraries,  PrairieCat is very concerned with the use of its Sierra library system to allow members of the public to physically check out books while the Executive Order remains in place. We want to assure you that PrairieCat is here to help, but PrairieCat cannot be put in a position where it supports, directly or indirectly, a violation of that Executive Order. As such, PrairieCat requests that libraries not use the PrairieCat library system automation program to circulate books to the public while the shelter order remains in place.  PrairieCat will not support public circulation systematically during this unprecedented period. We very much appreciate your understanding in this regard.