NEWS: Record cleanup reminder

ACTION: Informational

A friendly reminder, to report problems/issues:

For time sensitive issues (i.e., wrong location code in item record), You may open a HelpDesk ticket (

You can also get to the HelpDesk via our PrairieCat support website ( Please be as specific as you can along with examples.  Also try to select appropriate category to ensure timely response and assistance. you may be required to be logged in on the PrairieCat support website using your L2 email and password.

To request bibliographic/volume/item/order/holdings record cleanup or to report a duplicate record use links below:   Please avoid sending email directly to staff or cleanup email.

Duplicate Record:

Record Correction:

(you may be required to be logged in on the PrairieCat support website using your L2 email and password to use links above)

Please include:

  • . record number  (b =bibliographic, i=item, p=patron, etc.) Include one-character tag that identifies the record type!
  • OCLC number (001 tag in bibliographic record) No spaces.
  • Title
  • Author
  • Any standard numbers (ISBNs, ISSNs, LCCNs, etc.)

When requesting additional ISBNs to an existing bibliographic record in Sierra, you must also supply the description (pagination and sizing in cm) and publication information from your book in-hand.  This information is required to ensure matching criteria are met.

Also, please check your email for PrairieCat’s responses to your Help Desk ticket.  Check your spam or junk folder occasionally as well to ensure our emails are not being directed there by mistake

If you have any questions or concerns, please do  not hesitate to contact us.

Sandy Tedder
PrairieCat Cataloging and Database Coordinator
Bolingbrook Office
Phone: 877.542.7257 x5216
Toll Free: 877.542.7257