PrairieCat News

UPDATE: Restoring websites, ticketing systems, and file server

Action: Informational

UPDATE 9AM 7/23/2021: RAILS is still in the process of restoring all the websites, ticketing systems, and file server. Email is working.

ALERT: PrairieCat Staff Email, RAILS Website, and L2 Down

Action: Informational

ALERT 8:00 AM 7/22/2021: PrairieCat staff do not have access to email, phones, or the help desk as some RAILS provided services are down including the staff email, PrairieCat help desk, RAILS website, and L2. RAILS is working on resolving the issue. 

NEWS: PrairieCat Joins Vega Engagement Development Partner Program

Action: Informational

Vega LX is developed in partnership with global leading libraries to create a complete library experience for staff, patrons, donors, and citizens. Development Partners help shape Vega’s development through advisory discussions, usability testing, and beta testing. The Vega Engagement Development Partner program is focused on Vega Interact, Promote, and Program.


NEWS: Register for PrairieCat Member Update

Action: Informational / Register for Update

Join us for a PrairieCat Member Update on Wednesday, July 28 from 10 – 11:30 AM via Zoom Webinar. The meeting is listed in L2. Register in advance here:

This update will feature an Innovative demo showing their new discovery layer, Vega Discover. Also, hear brief updates from PrairieCat staff. The agenda is attached.

UPDATE: Reporting System Issues

ACTION: Informational

This is just a reminder that if your library is experiencing technical issues (such as the current slowdown/lag problems) to please be sure to open a helpdesk ticket with PrairieCat. 

When opening a ticket, please include as much information about the issue as possible.  As an example from the current issue, “it’s taking 30 seconds to switch screens, it’s been happening between noon and three every day, it’s been happening for a couple of weeks.” All of these can help Innovative and PrairieCat narrow down what we need to be looking at in the system.

NEWS: Call for Nominations - Administrative Council

ACTION: Please make a nomination by Friday, 7/16

Due to a resignation from Administrative Council, we currently have an open At-Large seat.  This is a two year seat, filling out a vacated position.  After the expiration of the two year term, the incumbent will be eligible to run again for a complete three year term.

Administrative Council meets once a month on the first Friday of the month.  Due to OMA requirements, in-person attendance is required.

NEWS: Marengo-Union Library District - Go Live Successful!

Action: Informational

Marengo-Union Library District went live for Circulation today, June 30, 2021. Welcome and congratulations to Marengo-Union!! It is now OK to resume all regular activities involving their records, such as editing patron records if needed (e.g., patron moves to your community or updates their contact info).  Patrons of Marengo-Union are able to place holds. So, if you are prompted to fill a hold for MU, please do so. PrairieCat staff plan to turn on the paging lists for the library tomorrow so they can begin filling holds via the list. 

NEWS: Union List Collection Comparison Project - Reminder

Action: Informational

PrairieCat is encouraging all Union Members to start on their Union List Member Collection Comparison Project if they have not already. More details are in the presentation slides from the April 7 Union List Members Meeting and the instructions are posted here.

NEWS: PUG Days Virtual 2021 from Sept 14-24

Action: Informational

PrairieCat Users Group Day (PUG Days) is an annual event dedicated to professional development, networking, and continuing education. PUG Days 2021 is virtual this year! Save the dates and program information will be shared soon. We have some great sessions in store such as “Library Promotional Ideas to Draw People Back to the Library” and “What Comes Next? The Library After COVID-19.”

September 14-24, 2021

Live Virtual Sessions at 10AM and 2PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays

NEWS: Marengo-Union Library District - Go Live 6/30

Action: Informational

Marengo-Union Library District will be going live for cataloging and circulation next week. Beginning today (Monday, June 21) Innovative will be loading Marengo-Union items into the database, patrons will be loaded next Monday, June 28. Marengo-Union is the 101st public library in PrairieCat and joins as a Fully Participating member from a standalone Follett system. Congrats to the Marengo-Union staff and PrairieCat staff for all their hard work throughout this project!

Marengo-Union Library District