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NEWS: 2019 weekly magazines

ACTION:  Informational


The 2019 weekly magazines have been created.  See below for list.  List can be found by searching by OCLC no. “2019”.   If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Aviation week and space technology (2019) b24169237 

The Antique trader 2019           b24169249 

Business week 2019                b24169250 

The Christian century 2019        b24169262 

The Christian Science monitor 2019   b24169274 

Coin world 2019                   b24169286 

Entertainment weekly 2019         b24169298 

Newsweek 2019                     b24169304 

The New Yorker 2019               b24169316 

The New York times book review 2019   b24169328 

OK! 2019                          b2416933x 

People 2019                       b24169341 

Publishers weekly 2019            b24169353 

Science news 2019                 b24169365 

Sports illustrated 2019           b24169377 

Time 2019                         b24169389 

Us weekly 2019                    b24169390