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NEWS: Changes to item record templates

ACTION:  Informational

As part of the implementation of new call number statistical tables in Sierra previously discussed, we will be inserting into the item entry templates a prompted call number tag.  This prompted field will be populated with the veribage: “092 for Dewey Scheme ; 099 for Non-Dewey”.  It is important that all items in the database have the correct call number tag in the call number field in the item record, so they are matched to the correct table.  Any item that is using the Dewey Decimal classification scheme for the call number should using the 092 MARC tag.  For call numbers not utiliizing the Dewey Decimal scheme but rather using free text (local) or BISAC will use the MARC tag 099.  Some of you will begin seeing this prompted field in your item entry templates beginning today (10/25/2017).   If your library has templates that don’t use the Dewey Decimal scheme (i.e YA FICTION template) you can request to have those particular templates assigned the 099 tag and veribage removed.  Any changes in templates will require one to log off and back on again from Sierra. Please use the Item Template Request form from the PrairieCat support site to request additional templates or changes to existing templates.  (

Going forward, all new items should be added with the appropriate call number tag: 

090 = Library of Congress

092 = Dewey

096 = National Library of Medicine

099 = Local / BISAC 


See examples of each type below:


   090  Locally Assigned LC-type Call Number  (i.e.: QP801.A3 D37 2011)

   092  Locally Assigned Dewey Call Number (i.e.: 641.5 COO)

   096  Locally Assigned NLM-type Call Number (i.e.: QV 766 P348 2004)

   099  Local Free-Text Call Number (i.e.: FIC SMI)


Please don’t hesitate to contact PrairieCat staff if you have any questions or concerns!


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