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Tip of the Month – Adding a Web Message to a Patron’s Account

This month's Tip of the Month reviews tips for adding a “web message” to a patron’s account in My Account. This is a useful way to let the patron know they need to provide library staff with updated information, or they have forgotten something at the library, etc. Click here for a document on how to add a Web Message to a patron’s record. 

A change has recently been made to the categories on the Resources page of the PrairieCat support website, at the suggestion of the Training Committee. They asked that the Tips of the Month be separated into their own category and arranged alphabetically by topic instead of by date.  They also asked that the “official” PrairieCat training manuals be put in their own category so they are easy to find.  Check out all the resources available at: A big thank you to the Training Committee for their continued work on training resources for staff and patrons!