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February Long Intransit items

The February 2017 Long Intransit listing is now available in the Statistics & Reports section of the Support Site. The report contains your items that have been Intransit from 2013 to January 1, 2017. There are 1250 items on the report for this month, a DECREASE from 1299 items on the January report. Great job!!

File statistics:

273 new items in transit, compared to 316 new items on the last report.

163 of the 316 new items from the last report are still listed.

The 1 lonely item Intransit from 2012 has been located! GREAT JOB!

21 items remain Intransit from the 2013, DOWN 1 from last month.

59 items remain Intransit from 2014, DOWN 4 from last month.

205 items remain Intransit from 2015, DOWN 13 from last month.

965 items remain Intransit from 2016, DOWN 33 from last month.

When you find an item on this list, check it in in Sierra to remove the Intransit Status. If you do not find the item, you could:

  • contact the sending library to see if the item might have been shelved at their library?
  • post a message to the PrairieCat Circulation and Union List mailing lists to ask others to check their shelves in the event the item was incorrectly delivered and shelved without being checked in. In your email include the author, title, your call number, your item barcode number and the name of a contact at your library if there are questions. The mailing list addresses are: circ [at] mailman [dot] prairiecat [dot] info (PrairieCat Circulation) (circ @ mailman dot prairiecat dot info) and pcgroup-union [at] prairiecat [dot] info (PrairieCat Union List) (pcgroup-union @ mailman dot prairiecat dot info)

If you have any questions, please open a PrairieCat HelpDesk ticket with the appropriate information.