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New procedure beginning in March re: handling of WEEKLY magazine issues

At the  March TSUG meeting, the members agreed to proceed with the new process for managing weekly magazine titles. Popular weekly magazines like People, Time, Newsweek, etc., are problematic in Sierra and Encore because there are SO MANY items attached to the bibliographic record. This means that search retrieval, and adding / deleting items can be extremely slow. Other large Innovative consortia handle this problem by making an exception for how weekly magazines are handled and creating a separate bibliographic record for each year of the magazine.

We have created a new 2016 annual multi-volume bibliographic record just for US Weekly.  The Sierra record number is b2178775x.  We have moved all the items for 2016 to the new record from the serial bibliographic title record. Please add your 2016 items and link to the correct weekly volume per normal, but use this annual record rather than the serial US weekly bibliographic record. We plan to continue to use this record throughout 2016, so please add volumes and attach items in subsequent months. We do not plan to go back and separate out previous years since most libraries do not keep weekly magazines for more than a couple of years.

We will keep you posted of the other magazine titles that are being created for this new procedure. 

For now these 2016 annual multi-volume title records have been created:

People (2016)           b21699513
Us weekly (2016)          b2178775x

Please ask if you have any questions.
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