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PrairieCat Member List

Shared Catalog MembersSierra CodeLevelILDS Delivery Stop
Alleman High School -- O'Connor Library • ALLG-6ALUnion ListingXCV
Andalusia Township Library • ANDG-8ANBasic OnlineXCV
Annawan-Alba Township Library • AAPG-8AAUnion ListingXCV
Bertolet Memorial Library District • BMLY-14BMBasic OnlineXRF
Bourbonnais Public Library District • BDBB-2BDFully ParticipatingXSW
Boylan Central Catholic High School • BCCY-11BCUnion ListingXRF
Bradley Public Library District • BRBB-2BRFully ParticipatingXSW
Bureau Valley Community Unit School District #340 -- Bureau Valley High School Library • BVHG-8BVUnion ListingXCV
Bureau Valley Community Unit School District #340 -- Bureau Valley North Elementary/Junior High School • BNJG-8BNUnion ListingXCV
Bureau Valley Community Unit School District #340 -- Bureau Valley South Elementary/Junior High School • BNJG-8Union ListingXCV
Byron Public Library District • BYLY-14BYFully ParticipatingXRF
Chadwick-Milledgeville CUSD #399 -- Milledgeville High School • MWLY-14CYUnion ListingXRF
Charles B. Phillips Public Library District • CPBB-4Fully ParticipatingXSW
Clinton Township Public Library • CTPY-12CTFully ParticipatingXRF
Coal City Public Library District • CCBB-2CCFully ParticipatingXSW
Colona District Public Library • CLNG-7CLFully ParticipatingXCV
Cordova District Library • CORG-7COFully ParticipatingXCV
Cortland Community Library • COLY-12CNFully ParticipatingXRF
Creston-Dement Public Library District • CRDY-12CRBasic OnlineXRF
Dakota CUSD #201 -- Dakota Elementary School • DA2Y-13DAUnion ListingXRF
Dakota CUSD #201 -- Dakota Junior/Senior High School • DALY-13DBUnion ListingXRF
DeKalb Public Library • DKLY-12DKFully ParticipatingXRF
Earlville Public Library District -- Main • EAPY-12EABasic OnlineXRF
East Dubuque District Library • EDLY-13EPFully ParticipatingXRF
East Moline Public Library • EMPG-6Fully ParticipatingXCV
Eastland CUSD #308 -- Eastland Junior/Senior High School • EHSY-14EOUnion ListingXRF
Elizabeth Township Library • ELLY-13ELFully ParticipatingXRF
Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library District • EJMY-11EJFully ParticipatingXRF
Erie Public Library District • ERIG-7ERFully ParticipatingXCV
Flagg-Rochelle Public Library District • FRPY-12FLFully ParticipatingXRF
Forreston Public Library • FOLY-14FOUnion ListingXRF
Fossil Ridge Public Library District • FRBB-2FRFully ParticipatingXSW
Fossil Ridge Public Library District -- Bookmobile • FBBB-2FBFully ParticipatingXSW
Franklin Grove Public Library • FGLY-12FGFully ParticipatingXRF
Freeport Memorial Hospital -- Health Science Library, 1 North • FELY-15FEUnion ListingXRF
Freeport Public Library • FPLY-13FPFully ParticipatingXRF
Galena Public Library District • GALY-13GAFully ParticipatingXRF
Galena Unit School District #120 -- Galena High School • GLLY-13GLUnion ListingXRF
Galena Unit School District #120 -- Galena Middle School • GL3Y-13GMUnion ListingXRF
Galena Unit School District #120 -- Galena Primary School • GL2Y-13GNUnion ListingXRF
Geneseo Public Library District • GPLG-7GPFully ParticipatingXCV
Genoa Public Library District • GELY-11GEFully ParticipatingXRF
Genoa-Kingston CUSD #424 -- Genoa-Kingston High School • GKLY-11Union ListingXRF
Grant Park Public Library • GPBB-2Basic OnlineXSW
Graves-Hume Public Library District • GVHY-12GVFully ParticipatingXRF
Hampton School District #29 -- Hampton Elementary School • HAMG-6HAFully ParticipatingXCV
Hanover Township Library • HNLY-13HNBasic OnlineXRF
Henry C. Adams Memorial Library • HCAG-7Basic OnlineXCV
Hiawatha CUSD #426 -- Hiawatha Junior/Senior High School • HHSY-12HWUnion ListingXRF
Highland Community College -- Clarence Mitchell Library • HCCY-13HCFully ParticipatingXRF
Hinckley Public Library District • HKLY-12HKBasic OnlineXRF
Homer Township Public Library District • HDBB-1HDFully ParticipatingXSW
Homer Township Public Library District -- Bookmobile • HBBB-1HBFully ParticipatingXSW
Hononegah Community High School District #207 -- Hononegah High School • HCHY-11HOUnion ListingXRF
Johnsburg Public Library District • JOLY-11JOFully ParticipatingXRF
Joliet Township High SD #204 -- Joliet Central High School • JCHB-1JCFully ParticipatingXSW
Joliet Township High SD #204 -- Joliet West High School • JWHB-1JWFully ParticipatingXSW
Julia Hull District Library • JHLY-14JHFully ParticipatingXRF
Kankakee Public Library • KKBB-2KKFully ParticipatingXSW
Kirkland Public Library • KILY-11KIUnion ListingXRF
Lanark Public Library • LNLY-14LNUnion ListingXRF
LaSalle Public Library • LSBB-3LSFully ParticipatingXSW
Lena Community District Library • LELY-13LEFully ParticipatingXRF
Limestone Township Library District • LIBB-2LIFully ParticipatingXSW
Malta Township Public Library • MLLY-12MLFully ParticipatingXRF
Manhattan-Elwood Public Library District • MTBB-2MTFully ParticipatingXSW
Manteno Public Library District • MNBB-2MNFully ParticipatingXSW
Maple Park Public Library District • MPLY-12MPFully ParticipatingXRF
Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elementary SD 2C -- Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elementary School • MVEB-4MZUnion ListingXSW
Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elementary SD 2C -- Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Middle School • MVMB-4MYUnion ListingXSW
Meridian CUSD #223 -- Highland Elementary School • SP4Y-14MEFully ParticipatingXRF
Meridian CUSD #223 -- Meridian Junior High School • SPLY-14MJFully ParticipatingXRF
Meridian CUSD #223 -- Monroe Center Elementary School • SP3Y-14MDFully ParticipatingXRF
Meridian CUSD #223 -- Stillman Valley High School • SP2Y-14MSFully ParticipatingXRF
Mills & Petrie Memorial Library and Gymnasium • MPMY-12MIUnion ListingXRF
Mineral-Gold Public Library District • MGPG-8MGUnion ListingXCV
Mokena Community Public Library District • MKBB-1MKFully ParticipatingXSW
Moline Public Library • MPLG-6Fully ParticipatingXCV
Moline School District #40 -- Moline High School • MHSG-6MVUnion ListingXCV
Moore Memorial Library District • MMLG-7HIUnion ListingXCV
Morris Area Public Library District • MRBB-2MRFully ParticipatingXSW
Mount Carroll Township Public Library • MCLY-14MOUnion ListingXRF
Mount Morris Public Library • MMLY-14MMBasic OnlineXRF
New Lenox Public Library District • NLBB-1NLFully ParticipatingXSW
North Boone CUSD #200 -- North Boone High School • NBHY-11NBUnion ListingXRF
Odell Public Library • MORG-7ODFully ParticipatingXCV
Oglesby Public Library District • OGBB-3OGFully ParticipatingXSW
Oregon Public Library District • ORLY-14ORFully ParticipatingXRF
Pankhurst Memorial Library • PMLY-12PKUnion ListingXRF
Pearl City CUSD #200 -- Pearl City Elementary/Junior/Senior High School • PLLY-13PLUnion ListingXRF
Pearl City Public Library District • PCLY-13PPFully ParticipatingXRF
Pecatonica CUSD #321 -- Pecatonica High School • PALY-13PSUnion ListingXRF
Pecatonica Public Library District • PTLY-13PTFully ParticipatingXRF
Peotone Public Library District • PEBB-2PEFully ParticipatingXSW
Peru Public Library • PUGG-8PUFully ParticipatingXCV
Plano Community Library District • PDBB-4Fully ParticipatingXSW
Plano CUSD 88 -- Centennial Elementary School • PCEB-3PYFully ParticipatingXSW
Plano CUSD 88 -- Emily G. Johns Intermediate School • PEJB-3PWFully ParticipatingXSW
Plano CUSD 88 -- P.H. Miller School • PHMB-3PVFully ParticipatingXSW
Plano CUSD 88 -- Plano High School • PHSB-3PXFully ParticipatingXSW
Plano CUSD 88 -- Plano Middle School • PMSB-3PZFully ParticipatingXSW
Polo CUSD #222 -- Aplington Middle School • PO3Y-14PCUnion ListingXRF
Polo CUSD #222 -- Centennial Elementary School • PO2Y-14PAUnion ListingXRF
Polo CUSD #222 -- Polo Community High School • PSLY-14PBUnion ListingXRF
Polo Public Library District • POLY-14POBasic OnlineXRF
Princeton Public Library • PRGG-8PRFully ParticipatingXCV
Princeton Township High SD 500 -- Princeton High School • PTWG-8PFBasic OnlineXCV
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUD 3 -- Prophetstown Elementary School • PESG-7TZFully ParticipatingXCV
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUD 3 -- Prophetstown High School • PHSG-7TWFully ParticipatingXCV
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUD 3 -- Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico Middle School • TAMG-7TYFully ParticipatingXCV
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUD 3 -- Tampico Elementary School • TAEG-7TXFully ParticipatingXCV
Putnam County Public Library District -- Putnam County Public Library District Headquarters • PCGG-8UEFully ParticipatingXCV
Putnam County Public Library District -- Granville Branch • GRGG-8UDFully ParticipatingXCV
Putnam County Public Library District -- Magnolia Branch • MGGG-8UKFully ParticipatingXCV
Putnam County Public Library District -- McNabb Branch • MCGG-8ULFully ParticipatingXCV
Putnam County Public Library District -- Putnam (Condit) Branch • PTGG-8UFFully ParticipatingXCV
Putnam County Public Library District -- Standard Branch • SDGG-8UGFully ParticipatingXCV
Putnam County SD 535 -- Putnam County High School • PCHG-8UCFully ParticipatingXCV
Putnam County SD 535 -- Putnam County Junior High School • PCJG-8UBFully ParticipatingXCV
Raymond A Sapp Memorial Township Library • RAYG-8RAUnion ListingXCV
Reddick Public Library District • RLBB-3RLFully ParticipatingXSW
Richard A. Mautino Memorial Library • RAMG-8Basic OnlineXCV
River Bend Community Unit District #2 -- Fulton Elementary School • FESG-7RBUnion ListingXCV
River Bend Community Unit District #2 -- Fulton High School • FHSG-7RHUnion ListingXCV
River Bend Community Unit District #2 -- River Bend Middle School • FMSG-7RMUnion ListingXCV
River Ridge CUSD #210 -- River Ridge CUSD #210 • RRHY-13RVUnion ListingXRF
River Valley District Library • RVLG-7Fully ParticipatingXCV
Robert R. Jones Public Library District • CVPG-7Fully ParticipatingXCV
Robert W. Rowe Public Library District • ROBB-4Fully ParticipatingXSW
Rochelle Township High School District # 212 -- Rochelle Township High School • RSLY-12RWUnion ListingXRF
Rock Island Public Library -- Main Library • RIPG-6Fully ParticipatingXCV
Rock Island Public Library -- Rock Island Public Library - 30/31 Branch • RITG-6Fully ParticipatingXCV
Rock Island Public Library -- Southwest Branch • RISG-8Fully ParticipatingXCV
Rock Island/Milan School District #41 -- Rock Island High School • RHSG-6RIUnion ListingXCV
Rockford Lutheran Schools -- Rockford Lutheran School • RLHY-11RGUnion ListingXRF
Rockridge Community Unit School District #300 -- Rockridge High School • ROCG-8RYUnion ListingXCV
Sandwich Public Library District • SABB-4Fully ParticipatingXSW
Savanna Public Library District • SALY-14SVUnion ListingXRF
Scales Mound CUSD #211 -- Scales Mound School • SMLY-13SMUnion ListingXRF
Schmaling Memorial Public Library District • FULG-7SCBasic OnlineXCV
Seneca Public Library District • SEBB-3SEFully ParticipatingXSW
Serena Community Unit School District #2 -- Harding Grade School • HGBB-3CDBasic OnlineXSW
Serena Community Unit School District #2 -- Serena Grade School • SGBB-3CGBasic OnlineXSW
Serena Community Unit School District #2 -- Serena High School • SHBB-4Basic OnlineXSW
Serena Community Unit School District #2 -- Sheridan Grade School • SSBB-3CEBasic OnlineXSW
Sheffield Public Library • SHFG-8SHUnion ListingXCV
Sherrard Public Library District • SHDG-8Fully ParticipatingXCV
Silvis Public Library • SVPG-6Fully ParticipatingXCV
Somonauk Public Library District • SNBB-4Fully ParticipatingXSW
South Beloit Public Library • SBLY-11SBFully ParticipatingXRF
Stockton Township Public Library • SKLY-13SKBasic OnlineXRF
Streator Public Library • SRBB-3SRFully ParticipatingXSW
Sycamore Public Library • SYLY-12SYFully ParticipatingXRF
Three Rivers Public Library District -- Channahon Location • TRBB-2TCFully ParticipatingXSW
Three Rivers Public Library District -- Minooka Location • TMBB-2TMFully ParticipatingXSW
Trinity Medical Center -- Health Sciences Library • TRIG-6TRUnion ListingXCV
United States Army Corps of Engineers -- Rock Island District Technical Library • CRPG-6UAUnion ListingXCV
United Township High School District #30 -- United Township High School • UTSG-6UTFully ParticipatingXCV
Walnut Public Library District • WALG-8WABasic OnlineXCV
Warren CUSD #205 -- Warren Junior/Senior High School • WALY-13WCUnion ListingXRF
Warren Township Public Library • WRLY-13WRUnion ListingXRF
Western District Library • WDLG-7WDFully ParticipatingXCV
Wilmington Public Library District • WLBB-2WLFully ParticipatingXSW
Winnebago CUSD #323 -- Winnebago High School • WQLY-13WNUnion ListingXRF
York Township Public Library • YTLY-14YTUnion ListingXRF
Yorkville Public Library • YKBB-4Fully ParticipatingXSW