PrairieCat Libraries

Library Sierra Code Delivery Code Barcode Prefix City ILDS Stop OCLC Catalog Links
Alleman High School
        O'Connor Library
AL ALLG-01 30111 Rock Island XCV ZAX
Andalusia Township Library AN ANDG-01 30104 Andalusia XCV ZBV
Annawan-Alba Township Library AA AAPG-02 30203 Annawan XCV ZBX
Bertolet Memorial Library District BM BMLY-14 32742 Leaf River XRF LD2
Bourbonnais Public Library District BD BDBB-2 31555 Bourbonnais XSW OD9
Boylan Central Catholic High School BC BCCY-11 38641 Rockford XRF JS3
Bradley Public Library District BR BRBB-2 36800 Bradley XSW OE8
Bureau Valley Community Unit School District #340
        Bureau Valley High School Library
BV BVHG-02 38663 Manlius XCV ZWV
Bureau Valley Community Unit School District #340
        Bureau Valley Junior High/Elementary
BS BSJG-02 38663 Manlius XCV
Bureau Valley Community Unit School District #340
        Bureau Valley Walnut
BN BNJG-02 38663 Walnut XCV
Byron CUSD 226
        Byron High School
BG BRLY-14 35927 Byron XRF LG3
Byron CUSD 226
        Byron Middle School
BF BR2Y-14 35927 Byron XRF
Byron CUSD 226
        Mary Morgan Elementary School
BE BR3Y-14 35927 Byron XRF
Byron Public Library District BY BYLY-14 31523 Byron XRF JX6
Chadwick-Milledgeville CUSD #399
        Milledgeville High School
CY MWLY-14 38627 Milledgeville XRF LM3
Charles B. Phillips Public Library District CP CPBB-3 31924 Newark XSW ILCBP
Cherry Valley Public Library District CH CHVY-13 31533 Cherry Valley XRF JX9
Clinton Township Public Library CT CTPY-12 38542 Waterman XRF LF6
Coal City Public Library District CC CCBB-2 35920 Coal City XSW OF9
Colona District Public Library CL CLNG-02 30084 Colona XCV ZSV
Cordova District Library CO CORG-01 30091 Cordova XCV ZCV
Cortland Community Library CN COLY-12 38544 Cortland XRF O3C
Creston-Dement Public Library District CR CRDY-12 38545 Creston XRF C$D
Dakota CUSD #201
        Dakota Elementary School
DA DA2Y-13 38606 Dakota XRF LG4
Dakota CUSD #201
        Dakota Junior/Senior High School
DB DALY-13 38606 Dakota XRF
DeKalb Public Library DK DKLY-12 32065 DeKalb XRF JY2
Earlville Public Library District EA EAPY-12 36051 Earlville XRF ILETP
East Dubuque District Library EP EDLY-13 38505 East Dubuque XRF JY4
East Moline Public Library
        Louis E. Woodworth Public Library Building
EM EMPG-01 30065 East Moline XCV ZDX
Eastland CUSD #308
        Eastland Elementary School
LA2Y-14 38675 Shannon XRF
Eastland CUSD #308
        Eastland Junior/Senior High School
EO EHSY-14 38675 Lanark XRF
Elizabeth Township Public Library EL ELLY-13 30243 Elizabeth XRF JY5
Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library District EJ EJMY-11 38514 Hampshire XRF JZ4
Erie Public Library District ER ERIG-01 32707 Erie XCV ZDZ
Flagg-Rochelle Public Library District FL FRPY-12 38533 Rochelle XRF LE9
Forreston Public Library FO FOLY-14 30606 Forreston XRF JY6
Fossil Ridge Public Library District FR FRBB-2 32186 Braidwood XSW OJ3
Fossil Ridge Public Library District
FB FBBB-2 32186 Braidwood XSW
Franklin Grove Public Library FG FGLY-12 38509 Franklin Grove XRF JY8
Freeport Memorial Hospital
        Health Science Library, 1 North
FE FELY-13 31045 Freeport XRF IF4
Freeport Public Library FP FPLY-13 38510 Freeport XRF JY9
Galena Public Library District GA GALY-13 38512 Galena XRF JZ2
Galena Unit School District #120
        Galena High School
GL GLLY-13 38615 Galena XRF LJ8
Galena Unit School District #120
        Galena Middle School
GM GL3Y-13 38615 Galena XRF LJ8
Galena Unit School District #120
        Galena Primary School
GN GL2Y-13 38615 Galena XRF
Geneseo Public Library District GP GPLG-02 30090 Geneseo XCV JYY
Genoa Public Library District GE GELY-12 38513 Genoa XRF JZ3
Genoa-Kingston CUSD #424
        Genoa-Kingston High School
GK GKLY-12 38616 Genoa XRF LJ9
Grant Park Public Library GR GPBB-2 30940 Grant Park XSW OJ9
Graves-Hume Public Library District GV GVHY-12 30517 Mendota XRF OK8
Hampton School District #29
        Hampton Elementary School
HA HAMG-01 30098 Hampton XCV R6X
Hanover Township Library HN HNLY-13 38515 Hanover XRF JZ5
Harvard Diggins Library HR HRLY-11 31601 Harvard XRF JZ6
Henry C. Adams Memorial Library HE HCAG-01 30092 Prophetstown XCV ZEV
Hiawatha CUSD #426
        Hiawatha Junior/Senior High School
HW HHSY-12 38619 Kirkland XRF LK3
Highland Community College
        Clarence Mitchell Library
HC HCCY-13 38511 Freeport XRF IJW
Hinckley Public Library District HK HKLY-12 38516 Hinckley XRF JZ7
Homer Township Public Library District HD HDBB-1 32889 Homer Glen XSW ON3
Homer Township Public Library District
HB HBBB-1 32889 Homer Glen XSW
Ida Public Library BL IPLY-12 38503 Belvidere XRF JX5
Johnsburg Public Library District JO JOLY-11 36164 Johnsburg XRF LD5
Joliet Township High SD #204
        Joliet Central High School
JC JCHB-1 37519 Joliet XSW TI5
Joliet Township High SD #204
        Joliet West High School
JW JWHB-1 30019 Joliet XSW TI6
Julia Hull District Library JH JHLY-14 38537 Stillman Valley XRF LB9
Kankakee Public Library KK KKBB-2 31558 Kankakee XSW OO3
Kirkland Public Library KI KILY-12 38517 Kirkland XRF JZ8
Lanark Public Library LN LNLY-14 38518 Lanark XRF JZ9
LaSalle Public Library LS LSBB-3 32077 La Salle XSW OO9
Lena Community District Library LE LELY-13 38546 Lena XRF LD3
Limestone Township Library District LI LIBB-2 39846 Kankakee XSW I9H
Lostant Community Library LO LCBB-3 1961 Lostant XSW OQ4
Malta Township Public Library ML MLLY-12 38522 Malta XRF LD6
Manhattan-Elwood Public Library District MT MTBB-2 38001 Manhattan XSW OQ8
Manteno Public Library District MN MNBB-2 36990 Manteno XSW OR6
Maple Park Public Library District MP MPLY-12 38523 Maple Park XRF LD7
Marengo-Union Public Library District MU MRLY-11 38524 Marengo XRF LD8
Marseilles Public Library MB MABB-3 38101 Marseilles XSW OR9
Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elementary SD 2C
        Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elementary School
MZ MVEB-4 30033 Mazon XSW ILMVK
Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elementary SD 2C
        Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Middle School
MY MVMB-4 30033 Mazon XSW OT5
Meridian CUSD #223
        Highland Elementary School
ME SP4Y-14 38658 Stillman Valley XRF
Meridian CUSD #223
        Meridian Junior High School
MJ SPLY-14 38658 Stillman Valley XRF XH5
Meridian CUSD #223
        Monroe Center Elementary School
MD SP3Y-14 38658 Stillman Valley XRF
Meridian CUSD #223
        Stillman Valley High School
MS SP2Y-14 38658 Stillman Valley XRF XH5
Mills & Petrie Memorial Library and Gymnasium MI MPMY-12 38502 Ashton XRF JX4
Mineral-Gold Public Library District MG MGPG-02 30110 Mineral XCV ZFX
Mokena Community Public Library District MK MKBB-1 31985 Mokena XSW OU9
Moline Public Library MX MPLG-01 30067 Moline XCV IDO
Moline School District #40
        Moline High School
MV MHSG-01 34085 Moline XCV ZFZ
Moore Memorial Library District HI MMLG-01 30118 Hillsdale XCV ZLW
Morris Area Public Library District MR MRBB-3 39957 Morris XSW OV4
Mount Carroll District Library MO MCLY-14 38526 Mount Carroll XRF LE2
Mount Morris Public Library MM MMLY-14 38527 Mount Morris XRF LE3
New Lenox Public Library District NL NLBB-1 31984 New Lenox XSW OV7
Nippersink Public Library District KR NPLY-11 36117 Richmond XRF LE8
North Chicago Public Library NC NCK 38507 North Chicago XWH GO5
North Chicago Public Library
NCKBM 38507 North Chicago XWH
North Suburban Public Library District
        NSLD/Loves Park Administrative
LP NSLY-11 31521 Loves Park XRF LD4
North Suburban Public Library District
        Roscoe Branch Library
LR NSRY-11 31521 Roscoe XRF I#X
Odell Public Library OD MORG-01 30201 Morrison XCV ZLZ
Oglesby Public Library District OG OGBB-3 37518 Oglesby XSW OW4
Oregon Public Library District OR ORLY-14 38528 Oregon XRF LE4
Pankhurst Memorial Library PK PMLY-12 38501 Amboy XRF JX2
Pearl City CUSD #200
        Pearl City Elementary/Junior/Senior High School
PL PLLY-13 38632 Pearl City XRF LM8
Pearl City Public Library District PP PCLY-13 38529 Pearl City XRF LE5
Pecatonica CUSD #321
        Pecatonica High School
PS PALY-13 38633 Pecatonica XRF LM9
Pecatonica Public Library District PT PTLY-13 38530 Pecatonica XRF LE6
Peotone Public Library District PE PEBB-2 32890 Peotone XSW OX9
Peru Public Library PU PUGG-02 32078 Peru XCV OY2
Plano Community Library District PD PDBB-4 32891 Plano XSW OY5
Plano CUSD 88
        Centennial Elementary School
PY PCEB-3 30378 Plano XSW P7Z
Plano CUSD 88
        Emily G. Johns Intermediate School
PW PEJB-3 30378 Plano XSW ILEGJ
Plano CUSD 88
        P.H. Miller School
PV PHMB-3 30378 Plano XSW P7V
Plano CUSD 88
        Plano High School
PX PHSB-3 30378 Plano XSW OY6
Plano CUSD 88
        Plano Middle School
PZ PMSB-3 30378 Plano XSW P7Y
Polo CUSD #222
        Aplington Middle School
PC PO3Y-14 38634 Polo XRF
Polo CUSD #222
        Centennial Elementary School
PA PO2Y-14 38634 Polo XRF
Polo CUSD #222
        Polo Community High School
PB PSLY-14 38634 Polo XRF LH3
Polo Public Library District PO POLY-14 38531 Polo XRF LE7
Princeton Public Library PR PRGG-02 37358 Princeton XCV OT4
Princeton Township High SD 500
        Princeton High School
PF PTWG-02 30306 Princeton XCV OY8
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUD 3
        Prophetstown Elementary School
TZ PESG-01 30115 Prophetstown XCV
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUD 3
        Prophetstown High School
TW PHSG-01 30115 Prophetstown XCV ZMW
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUD 3
        Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico Middle School
TY TAMG-01 30115 Prophetstown XCV
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUD 3
        Tampico Elementary School
TX TAEG-01 30115 Tampico XCV
Putnam County Public Library District
        Putnam County Public Library District Headquarters
UE PCGG-02 32079 Hennepin XCV OZ2
Putnam County Public Library District
        Granville Branch
UD GRGG-02 32079 Granville XCV
Putnam County Public Library District
        Magnolia Branch
UK MGGG-02 32079 Magnolia XCV
Putnam County Public Library District
        McNabb Branch
UL MCGG-02 32079 McNabb XCV
Putnam County Public Library District
        Putnam (Condit) Branch
UF PTGG-02 32079 Putnam XCV
Putnam County Public Library District
        Standard Branch
UG SDGG-02 32079 Standard XCV
Putnam County SD 535
        Putnam County High School
UC PCHG-02 33942 Granville XCV OZ8
Putnam County SD 535
        Putnam County Junior High School
UB PCJG-02 33942 McNabb XCV
Putnam County SD 535
        Putnam County Primary School
PCPG-02 Granville XCV
Raymond A Sapp Memorial Township Library RA RAYG-02 32917 Wyanet XCV QW9
Reddick Public Library District RL RLBB-3 37578 Ottawa XSW QX9
Richard A. Mautino Memorial Library MA RAMG-02 37713 Spring Valley XCV QY6
River Bend Community Unit District #2
        Fulton Elementary School
RB FESG-01 30106 Fulton XCV
River Bend Community Unit District #2
        Fulton High School
RH FHSG-01 30108 Fulton XCV ZNV
River Bend Community Unit District #2
        River Bend Middle School
RM FMSG-01 30107 Fulton XCV R@T
River Ridge CUSD #210
        River Ridge CUSD #210
RV RRHY-13 38611 Hanover XRF
River Valley District Library RD RVLG-01 30096 Port Byron XCV ZNW
Robert R. Jones Public Library District CV CVPG-02 30087 Coal Valley XCV ZOV
Robert W. Rowe Public Library District RO ROBB-3 32076 Sheridan XSW QY8
Rochelle Township High School District # 212
        Rochelle Township High School
RW RSLY-12 38638 Rochelle XRF LH5
Rock Island Public Library
        Downtown Library
RP RIPG-01 30070 Rock Island XCV ZPX
Rock Island Public Library
         2 Go
rt RITG-01 Rock Island XCV
Rock Island Public Library
        Southwest Library
RK RISG-02 30070 Rock Island XCV
Rock Island/Milan School District #41
        Rock Island High School
RI RHSG-01 Rock Island XCV ZPZ
Rockford University
        Howard Colman Library
RU RKC-ILDS 30762 Rockford RKC IBR
Rockridge Community Unit School District #300
        Rockridge High School
RY ROCG-01 30109 Taylor Ridge XCV ZQW
Sandwich Public Library District SA SABB-4 37011 Sandwich XSW TD3
Scales Mound CUSD #211
        Scales Mound School
SM SMLY-13 38654 Scales Mound XRF JS7
Schmaling Memorial Public Library District SC FULG-01 30105 Fulton XCV ZQY
Seneca Public Library District SE SEBB-3 36059 Seneca XSW TD7
Serena Community Unit School District #2
        Harding Grade School
CD HGBB-3 31563 Earlville XSW ILHGS
Serena Community Unit School District #2
        Serena High School
CF SHBB-3 31562 Serena XSW OH7
Serena Community Unit School District #2
        Sheridan Grade School
CE SSBB-3 31565 Sheridan XSW ILSGS
Sheffield Public Library SH SHFG-02 30119 Sheffield XCV ZRV
Sherrard Public Library District SD SHDG-02 30206 Sherrard XCV JZQ
Silvis Public Library SL SVPG-01 30085 Silvis XCV ZRW
Somonauk Public Library District SN SNBB-4 36836 Somonauk XSW TF5
South Beloit Public Library SB SBLY-11 33853 South Beloit XRF LB7
Stockton Township Public Library SK SKLY-13 38538 Stockton XRF LF2
Streator Public Library
        Streator Public Library
SR SRBB-3 31306 Streator XSW TF8
Sycamore Public Library SY SYLY-12 38539 Sycamore XRF LF3
Talcott Free Library District TF TFLY-11 35928 Rockton XRF LB4
Three Rivers Public Library District
        Channahon Location
TC TRBB-2 31561 Channahon XSW TG3
Three Rivers Public Library District
        Minooka Location
TM TMBB-2 31561 Minooka XSW TG4
United Township High School District #30
        United Township High School
UT UTSG-01 30089 East Moline XCV ZSZ
UnityPoint Health – Trinity
        Health Sciences Library
TR TRIG-01 30097 Rock Island XCV JWH
Walnut Public Library District WA WALG-02 30114 Walnut XCV ZVY
Warren CUSD #205
        Warren Junior/Senior High School
WC WALY-13 38660 Warren XRF LN5
Warren Township Public Library WR WRLY-13 36108 Warren XRF LF5
Western District Library WD WDLG-02 30069 Orion XCV ZWW
Wilmington Public Library District WL WLBB-2 36830 Wilmington XSW TH8
Winnebago CUSD #323
        Winnebago High School
WN WQLY-13 38661 Winnebago XRF LN6
Woodstock Public Library WO WOLY-11 31567 Woodstock XRF LF8
York Township Public Library YT YTLY-14 38540 Thomson XRF LF4
Yorkville Public Library YK YKBB-4 36290 Yorkville XSW TI2