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Committees and Groups

Administrative Council Ad Hoc Committee

  • This Committee makes recommendations to the Administrative Council on longevity, independence, partnerships, and sustainability of the PrairieCat organization.

Administrative Council Standing Committees

  • This Committee makes recommendations to the Administrative Council on membership and budget issues to ensure the sustainability of PrairieCat.

    Chair: Emily Porter (Byron PLD)

  • This Committee recommends policy and procedures for resource sharing between libraries, striving to ensure fair and equitable practices that follow agreed PrairieCat resource sharing philosophies.

    Chair: Charm Ruhnke (Peru PL)

Governing Bodies

  • This governing body consists of 11 elected representatives from the Delegates Assembly. The group sets policy, receives and approves recommendations from the Ad Hoc and Standing Committees, and approves recommendations to go to the Delegates Assembly including new members, contracts, the budget and major purchases outside the budget.

    Administrative Council members and officers are listed on the main Governance page of this website.

  • This governing body approves the budget, contracts, new members and other major decisions for PrairieCat. Each fully participating library's delegate or their official alternate is encouraged to attend.

    Quarterly meetings in months of January, April (budget approved), July, and October (budget presented).  Last Wednesday of the month. All meetings are face-to-face and held from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Standing Groups