Coronavirus Resources and Plan

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PrairieCat is here to support member libraries and will update this page with resources and information as they become available. The situation remains fluid.

PrairieCat is providing a set of processes for member libraries who need to modify services due to the 2019 novel coronavirus ("COVID-19") pandemic. PrairieCat staff are working remotely to continue supporting members. All in-person PrairieCat meetings, training, and events are cancelled or moved online. Check L2 for updates. 

PrairieCat Information

Updated: 11/10/2020

Register in L2 for the upcoming Member Update on 11/18/2020. 

Closing/Opening Forms 

If your library needs to close unexpectedly or adjust services such as providing curbside services only, please fill out the form to submit the information needed for PrairieCat staff to update your library's settings. This will automatically create a help desk ticket. 

Public Library Closing / Opening Form 

School and Academic Library Closing / Opening Form 

Closing/Opening FAQ

What system settings are adjusted when my library submits the closing form?

  • Full Closure: PrairieCat staff set your collection to non-circulating and disable your paging list.
  • Turn off Available Holds Notices: If your library requests that your Available Holds Notices be turned off, then you will be responsible for notifying your patrons of their available holds. This may be applicable for libraries that move to curbside service only or significantly reduce hours.

What do I need to do when my library reopens?

  • When your library re-opens, it is very important that you review the View Outstanding Holds report for your library to ensure that your patrons’ holds will be filled in a timely manner. If you need assistance working with this report, a video with step-by-step instructions and a printable tip sheet are available on TalentLMS here:

View this Closing/Opening Procedures Flowchart for more details. 

System Update

The Sierra system is functioning system wide. Please report any issues to

Member Updates

RAILS Information

Visit the RAILS COVID-19 page for the latest information from RAILS. This page is updated frequently with the latest news, eresources, continuing services, and more:

Safety and Materials Handling

PrairieCat is following official guidance from RAILS and the REALM Project, a study by the IMLS (the Institute of Museum and Library Service), OCLC, and Battelle. These organizations, in partnership with library and state representatives across the country are working on questions around safe handling of materials. See the project website here. The guidelines below are based on the current information available and it is subject to change. Visit the RAILS site for more updates from the REALM Research Partnership.

RAILS Delivery is operational, and ILL has resumed for libraries who have opted in. Libraries must contact the RAILS Delivery help desk to modify delivery services. Any questions or concerns around delivery should be directed to Send your message from the email address used for your Library Learning (L2) account, so the ticketing system will recognize your library and route your message to the correct RAILS service center.